Evolving to a new era in
post mortem examinations
through visualisation

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What is Virtual Autopsy?

Virtual Autopsy™ is a new medical technology where non-intrusive human autopsies are performed by using a CT Scanner to obtain a full 3D view of the body. Virtual Autopsy Solutions™ has developed a software-based procedure, where the acquired Dicom data is rendered through proprietary software (VizOpsy™). 360-degree rotation may then be used to view and dissect the virtual body in high definition, allowing medical examiners, coroners and pathologists to examine the state of the blood vessels, organs, bones and tissues and thus, determine the cause of death and the manner in which the patient died.

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About the Company

Virtual Autopsy Solutions™ is an innovative Med-Tech post-mortem imaging and education company that has developed an end-to-end post mortem imaging solution powered by our proprietary software “VizOpsy™”. Based in the UK, Our team of dedicated experts has a wealth of experience in Forensic Pathology, Science, Visualization Technology, and IT infrastructure.

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Our Services

Virtual Autopsy Solutions™ can deliver a full turnkey solution to design, build and launch your own Virtual Autopsy Facility. Our expert team will provide consultancy services to assist you throughout the process, advising on technical environment, knowledge and expertise, Documentation, and Training and more.

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