About the Company

Virtual Autopsy Solutions™ is an innovative Med-Tech post-mortem imaging and education company that has developed an end-to-end post mortem imaging solution powered by our proprietary software “VizOpsy™”.

Our team of dedicated experts has a wealth of experience in the sector of forensic pathology, science, visualization technology, and IT infrastructure. We have a strong foundation in sciences, innovation and technology for visualisation in post mortem imaging, and are a UK-based private limited company.

Our mission is to establish Virtual Autopsy™ across the world as an advancement and upgrade to the current procedure, and also as a standard practice to meet the humanitarian and religious beliefs and needs of bereaved families. We do this by providing multi-dimensional autopsy visualisation, in and out of a forensic setting, for specialist users such as coroners, doctors, medico-legal, the police, law enforcement, and educators.

Our commitment is to enable and empower, and make Virtual Autopsy™ widely available in partnership with hospitals, medico-legal and forensics centres, police, law enforcement, government ministries and municipalities, religious and educational institutions.

Virtual Autopsy Solutions™ has the capabilities to enable hospitals and public mortuaries that currently provide invasive post mortem services with the competences to facilitate their own non-invasive or minimally invasive Virtual Autopsy™ service, as either an adjunct or a standalone practice.

  • UK based company
  • Innovators in Med-Tech post mortem imaging
  • Striving to increase the availability of Virtual Autopsy™ across the globe

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