Advantages of a Virtual Autopsy

Virtual Autopsy is a new medical technology where non-intrusive human autopsies are performed by using a CT Scanner to obtain a detailed view of the body.

  • Virtual Autopsy™ creates digital and permanent records of the body, making it easier for forensic pathologists and clinicians to communicate with each other.
  • Real samples are hard to transport and share, while the digital image of the body can be shared electronically among medical professionals and experts and can be stored for future retrieval and re-examination.
  • Forensic pathologists can conduct a Virtual Autopsy™ remotely. This means that hospitals or forensic centres with CT scanners can take advantage of Virtual Autopsy™ even though they may not have an in-house forensic pathologist.
  • The legal system can also benefit from this technology as the 3-dimensional images can easily be shown in courtrooms and spare people from having to look at the traditional autopsies’ gruesome pictures of the victim’s body. The images from a Virtual Autopsy™ can be made interactive, helping the judge and jury understand some technical facts.
  • Virtual Autopsy™ can prove to be cheaper than conventional autopsies in some cases, with fewer resources needed and simpler to perform.
  • A Virtual Autopsy™ leaves the body intact, so it would not add to the grief of the victim’s family. This also overcomes the obstacles presented by religions that forbid cutting of the deceased.
  • When performed with an MRI scanner, Virtual Autopsy™ can be used to determine whether a baby has been shaken to death, as it would be easier to study the blood ruptures behind the eyes.
  • In cases of heart attack, the process can detect damage to the heart muscles, however for greater clarity you may require PM angiography, which is minimally invasive.
  • Virtual Autopsy™ is particularly effective in investigating blunt force and trauma cases.
  • A Virtual Autopsy™ is also a good method to contain/eliminate cross contamination and infection, as all deceased are scanned in a body bag.
  • In biohazard and bioterrorism incidents, Virtual Autopsy™ lowers the risk of contaminating pathologists and other medical personnel.

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